Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ink Pads Are Changing

When you look at the Stampin’ Up! Retiring list  it will appear that ALL of the ink pads on on the list!  Rest assured, they are NOT all retiring, but rather the style of ink pad is retiring.


Stampin’ Up’s mould that they use to make ink pads, was about to expire and they had to decide if they would just keep it the same or if it was an opportunity to change and improve upon the style.  Who wouldn't take the opportunity to change things up and keep it fresh?
Here are the improvements to the design:

  • It is easier to open
  • A larger label on the front to easily identify the colour.
  • There is an extra colour label to place inside the pad, to make it even easier to identify the colour when open (no mix ups or dirty ink pads!!).
  • The new case is tighter so there are no accidental leak outs.
  • The new case is a sleeker design that takes up less space (and the inkpad is only about 1/4″ shorter on one side).
  • The ink pad is not quite as “tall” as the previous pad, which makes it work really well with the Stamparatus so you get less ink transfer to the plate.
  • The ink pads have a groove on the top that allows them to stack.
  • The ‘In Color’ pads are identified with a little symbol.
In addition, while making changes to the ink pad style, Stampin’ Up! also added a defoamer to the ink pad solution that will help when inks sometimes get bubbly.   Please note that the colours that are staying are exactly the same formula (other than the defoamer) so new ink refills can be used on old pads and vice versa.
I don't yet have a new ink pad in hand, but my upline, Jenn Tinline, was kind enough to share her pictures comparing the new and old style ink pads.  Please check them out below:

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