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Birthday Celebration

Hello Friends. You'll have noticed it's been some time since I last posted. Initially, my full-time job was getting in the way; and then, sadly, we had to put our dog down and I've been a bit of a hot mess ever since. I'm still not okay; but it's my birthday today and I thought a celebration might help me feel a bit like my old self.

This weekend, in honour of my birthday, I'm offering you some amazing deals. Shop with me today, June 18, through June 20th and earn free products based on the total you spend. Be sure to use the Host Code: E4HU7PZF in order to qualify.

Each level builds upon the one before and you can easily receive all of these amazing goodies by placing a qualifying order. Of course, all my other InkBlotz rewards are still available in addition to these items!

I look forward to celebrating with you all!

Happy stampin'!


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